About Us About Artstra 關於藝思淘

About Artstra 關於藝思淘

Artstra Music Group was founded in 2009 with a mission to deliver music and instrumental training courses for music-loving children and young people. The "ArtstrA" brand name was first created at the founding stage to aim at providing students with a platform that not just to learn music happily but also to develop their multiple intelligences
through music.

The rapid pace of development in the economy, education and cultural life of the Greater China Region in recent years has driven huge demand for a whole range of music education courses. Our Group is deeply convinced that music education in the new Century is becoming globalized in such a way that if we can grasp the exchange of East-West cultural world, and the benefit of Internet and advanced information technology, we will certainly be able to bring valuable opportunities to the future generations to learn better, both for their whole-person development as well as music career at large. These changes we witnessed have prompted our Group to foster diversification in the services we provide to keep ourselves abreast with the times.

While continuously building up experiences, the Group has moved on to organize overseas tours for music teams to engage in exchange, perform and participate in various competitions. In 2014, we co-organized the "Hong Kong International Percussion Festival 2014" with the Hong Kong University, Department of Music of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Consulate Geneal of France in Hong Kong, and the Education Bureau of HKSAR Government. In 2015, we also assisted the Vienna Boys' Choir and the Austrian Consulate General Hong Kong in hosting concerts and master classes in Hong Kong.

In the past few years, the Group has organized Hong Kong students to participate in various summer music training camps in the Berklee College of Music in the U.S. and the Hochschule Für Musik Kln in Germany. In October 2016, we sponsored Prof. John H. Beck, Professor Emeritus of Percussion and the former Head of Percussion Department at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, U.S., to travel to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to conduct master class and lecture. Over the years, the agencies that Group has worked with include the Hong Kong Education Bureau of HKSAR Goverment, the British Consulate-General Hong Kong, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong, Austrian Consulate General Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Department of Music of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Percussion Claviers de Lyon of France, and Trinity College London Press of U.K..

The Group’s another initiatives is to engage on research development of the proprietary music rhythmic training application "BomBomBak". With the valuable comments gathered from music educators, the Group has started to develop the brand new online music teaching system, "MusGarden Classroom," which represents our Group’s commitment to responding to the calls from the Greater China Region for quality and innovation.

In the coming days, the Group will spare no efforts in developing and implementing online teaching systems, music competitions and exchange programmes, as well as introducing affordable branded musical instruments and equipment for local and neighboring areas to meet their needs of quality music education, just to deliver our slogan "We Bring the Best Musical Minds" that speaks out the Group's vision and pursuit.

藝思淘音樂集團𣄃下公司於2009年開始成立,為喜愛音樂的孩子及青少年提供音樂學習及樂器訓練課程。早期創立「樂童 -Ÿ 同樂」的品牌,以為學童提供快樂的音樂學習平台、以及藉音樂作為媒介發展孩子多元智能為服務宗旨。


我們團隊見證着這些變化,經過集思廣益後在服務上也作出多元化的發展,與時並進。近年起,集團不斷累積帶領音樂團隊到外國遊學、交流表演及參加比賽的經驗。2014年,我們與香港大學、香港浸會大學音樂系、法國駐港領事館及香港教育局等一起協辦 「香港國際敲擊樂節2014」; 在2015年,集團又協助「維也納兒童合唱團」及奧地利駐港領事館在香港舉行多場音樂會和大師班。過往數年間,我們曾帶領本港學生前赴美國知名流行音樂學府 “Berklee College of Music” (伯克利音樂學院) 及德國 “hochschule für musik kln(科隆音樂大學)舉辦的夏季音樂訓練營。此外,我們在2016年10月中贊助世界知名 的美國伊斯曼音樂學院(Eastman School of Music) 榮譽教授畢約瀚教授( Prof.  John H. Beck) 到上海音樂學院舉辦敲撃樂大師班及講座。多年來和我們團隊曾合作的機構包括香港教育局、 英國駐港領事館、法國駐港領事館、奧地利駐港領事館、 香港大學、上海音樂學院、香港浸會大學音樂系、香港教育大學音樂系、維也納兒童合唱團、法國里昂敲擊樂團及英國倫敦聖三一學院出版社等。 

我們的另一新猷是主力研發節奏訓練用途的應用程式軟件 “BomBomBak,廣集了教育界人士的寶貴意見,着手開發一個嶄新的線上音樂教學系統「音樂園教室」,正好代表了我們團隊回應大中華地區對音樂教育需求而作出的努力。


「為您帶來最美麗的音樂心靈」(“We Bring the Best Musical Minds”),是我們團隊的標語,也代表着藝思淘音樂集團的願景和追求!