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British technology brand iBoardTouch (iBT) is leading the way in manufacturing complete touch solutions; superb interactive multi-touchscreens and software perfect for a wide range of applications in the Education, Business, Corporate and Healthcare sectors. Founded in 2011, iBT is ranked as the fastest growing interactive technology manufacturer in the UK. Exporting to Europe, Asia and Africa, and America, iBT is a joint venture with a Tier 1 manufacturer in Asia with a global turnover of over $3.5bn, who produce over 200,000 screens each year.

All iBT products are CE Approved, FCC Compliant & ROHS Certified.


英國技術品牌 iBoardTouch(iBT)在製造完整的觸控技術方面處於領先地位,卓越的互動多點觸控屏幕和軟件,適合於教育,商業,企業和醫療行業的廣泛應用。iBT成立於2011年,在英國位列為增長最快的互動技術製造商。 iBT與亞洲一級製造企業的合資單位,每年生產超過20萬部屏幕白板,出口至歐、亞、美、非洲等國家,全球營業額超過35億美元。