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倫敦聖三一學院出版社(TCL Press)是倫敦聖三一學院的音樂出版公司。出版社為各級學生,教師和音樂家出版音樂標題:

  • 曲目集
  • 考試題目
  • 視奏和配套測試
  • 音樂書籍
  • 樂理考試題目和答案

Trinity College London Press (TCL Press) is the music publishing company of Trinity College London. Started trading on 1 April 2016, taking on all music publishing activity of Trinity College London and developing new music titles in addition to Trinity College London’s exam-related music publications. Trinity has been delivering graded music exams since 1877 and has a long heritage of publishing and distributing music publications worldwide.

TCL Press publishes music titles for students, teachers and musicians at all levels:

  • Repertoire collections
  • Exam pieces
  • Sight reading and supporting tests
  • Books on musicianship
  • Music Theory exam papers and model answers.