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We are all Born with Music Aptitude

Regardless you may or may not have music talent, the fact is there is music in every one of us.

We will help you develop your music aptitude from within.

Music education is not just a single path to become a musician… It is more of a journey to develop our brain and mind. Countless research findings have affirmed the value of music education to human brain, grooming Learning, Creativity, Intelligence, Harmony in Life and lots more.

The value is tremendous.


Let’s Unfold the Magic of Music

Artstra serves children and youths from the age of 2.5 to 25 years and beyond.

✅  Music Education
– You may get one-on-one/small-group instrumental classes for students, percussion, piano, composition and arrangement, and music theory (for ABRSM, Trinity, etc)

✅  Music Technology
– You could get the benefit of IT and Apps from MusGarden for in-class implementation at kindergarten, primary school and special school

✅  Video Recording
– You will get a decent room with audio recording system to practice, rehearse and record for your graded examination or competition