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Vivian Wong

About me

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music, Hong Kong Baptist University, H.K.

Associate in Percussion Recital (ATCL), Trinity College London, U.K.

Certificate in Nurturing the Gifted and Talented, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, H.K.

Conducting Workshop, The Julliard School, U.S.

Certificate in Children Fitness Instruction Programme

Little Myths

What magic wand do you have when facing an attention drifting student in your classroom?

Some teaching materials will help a lot. The Do-It-Yourself stuff with a good mix of colour and graphics always does a good job to get their attention. Multi-sensory stimulation and a curious mind will help draw students closer to music.

One day, your smart student tells you – “ I’m not going to practice for your homework.”, what will you do?

This could happen to an average child whose time is so packed with activities. Why don’t I choose his favorite music piece for him to play and to get the extra learning benefit of techniques in that piece? I believe once he has the interest, he will gradually pick up more practices and have the drive to do better.

Parents’ approval does have a role to play too. Tell your child you love so much listening to the music he is playing, and invite him to play a few more times for you. These are magic words to cheer up a child.