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Erin Yu

About me

Associate in Percussion Recital (ATCL), Trinity College London, U.K.

Associate in Piano Recital (ATCL), Trinity College London, U.K.

Professional Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

Professional Diploma in Music History and Music Theory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Certificate in Children Fitness Instruction Programme

Little Myths

What is the best way to encourage a student?

Most students need encouragement. Every time we notice any progress, it’s a chance to give praise, and particularly to let them know what exactly that they have accomplished. Get their direction and goal clearly set to prepare them well for continued progress.

What kind of students do you like the most?

Teachers usually love hard-working students – but that’s just one side of the picture. We actually find those energetic, passionate and responsive students bring us delightful and fulfilling teaching experience.

What are the common questions you hear from parents?

It’s not uncommon to encounter parents asking questions like “Why is my child not learning as fast as he should be?” “When will my child practice by himself without being asked?” The basic truth lies in whether your child has interest in music.

As much we focus on technique development, we pay equal attention to telling our students the background and stories behind the music piece for enlivening the class routine. In this way, students would be better equipped to imagine and be tuned in the music they play, rather than just mechanically playing the notes they read.