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Video Recording Venue & Service Booking
(5-octave Marimba)


($100 is for booking deposit of venue rental/venue rental with recording service. Artstra will contact you upon receipt of your deposit to reserve the time slot you desire.)

Artstra provides high-quality video and sound recording equipment and services suitable for teachers and students to prepare for the examinations set by international institutions such as the Trinity College London or the Royal Schools of Music. The service would also be useful for performing rehearsals for joining various music festivals or competitions.

Other than equipping with sound recording, video recording and microphone equipment, Artstra also provides musical instruments such as grand piano, 5-octave marimba, snare drum and so on for rental use. The recorded copy is able to meet the requirement of various organizations in terms of quality, file size, time limit and other specifications.

Interested parties are welcome to subscribe to our recording service or just renting our recording room for self-recording (please bring your own recording equipment in this case).


Location : Kowloon Tong

Address: Artstra, 2/F, Overseas Court,144F Boundary Street, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


For enquiry of recording service, please press the quick Whatsapp button or call us at 2336 9781.